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        • 蔡继伦


          Receive expert assistance to manage your company's accounts, file taxes with English and Chinese P&L statements, and pass your annual audit


        Hong Kong tax and accountancy are based upon British standards, and as such are similar to that which you may already be familiar with in the West.

        Hong Kong requires that all businesses file an annual tax return on their profits with the HK Inland Revenue, and undergo an annual accounts audit performed by an independent CPA.

        蔡继伦Hong Kong takes accounting and tax fraud very seriously, with strict sanctions for offenders from the local government and banks. Therefore it’s crucial that your accounts are filed professionally and attentively to mitigate any issues you may have arising from the annual accounts audit you’ll be required to undertake.蔡继伦



        By letting Hongda Business Services arrange and oversee your annual Hong Kong company audit, you’ll:

        • Have more time to focus on business
        • Be assured of a top Hong Kong CPA undertaking the audit
        • Have peace of mind that you will be in 'good standing' with local government and banks
        • Get feedback on the audit in plain English
        • Have the option of consulting with our Hong Kong accounting and tax experts should your business require it following the audit

        蔡继伦Is your Hong Kong company preparing for its annual audit, but not sure what to do? No problem, click the button below to request a FREE no-strings-attached 20 minute consultation by phone or in person to discuss your company's situation:蔡继伦

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