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        If you have recently opened a Chinese company, or are running one now, and need help with accounting, then this service is ideal as it includes the 'essentials' for handling your monthly and annual accounting.

        The following elements make up this service:


        • Accounting documents preparation, accounting books, registration and accounting statements compilation
        • Subsidiary ledger of fixed assets
        • Subsidiary ledger and general ledger of inventories’ quantity and amount 
        • Written feedback and communication of monthly abnormal items
        • Bank deposits balance, legality and compliance of original documents, rationality of financial data
        • Issue office Fapiao 5 times


        • File Accounting books and tax declaration documents: Bookkeeper prints and file types of documents monthly and prints accounting books yearly


        US$4,684 per year (payment can be made in RMB or HKD if preferred). 

        An initial quarterly payment of US$1,171 is required after the contract is agreed, with following quarters paid each 3 months.

        Government fees are not included - the costs of these will be advised to you by Hongda as and when necessary.

        This is a rolling annual contract that will automatically extend for a subsequent year if the two sides do not terminate the contract in writing at least one month before the contract’s end date.



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