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        Can I operate in China with my HK company?
        No, you cant. Please set up a Chinese company to run the business in China. 
        How do I setup a HK company?
        Offer the company name and shareholder information. Hongda Business Services can help you perform the application efficiently.
        Do I need to have a foreign company to start a company in HK?
        No, you dont. An individual is permitted to start a company in HK. 
        What investment vehicle (company) can I use to start an HK company?
        Any limited company can do so. 
        Which documentation do I need for an HK company?
        Company name information. Shareholder information. 
        How much registered capital do I need for an HK company?
        10,000HKD as standard. 
        How much does it cost to setup an HK company with Hongda?
        What are the benefits of an HK company?
        Brand promotion, modern financial system in HK, and business bank account which is not inspected by government. 
        What are the drawbacks of an HK company?
        There are no drawbacks. Only benefits, given that it is cheap and fast to set up.
        Do I need both an HK company and a China company?
        Yes, having both gives your business a lot more options than just one or the other.
        Can I invoice Chinese clients with an HK company?
        Yes, you can. If you have business with them. 
        How do I setup a corporate bank account in HK?
        After HK company registration you can go to the bank directly. 
        Do I need to personally go to HK to set up the company?
        No, you dont. Hongda Business Services can do this for you. 
        Do I need an actual office space to register an HK company?
        No, you dont. Hongda Business Services can provide one. 
        Is a virtual office permitted for an HK company?


        How often do accounts need to be filed in China?
        Can a foreign accountant file Chinese accounts?
        Yes, but the system here is all in Chinese and Chinese accounting law is different from that of the rest of the world. 
        Do I need to hire a local accountant as a member of staff?
        If your company has much accounting work, you perhaps need to. But we advise that you will usually benefit from the accounting service from Hongda Business Services.
        How do I file accounts in China?
        Hongda Business Services can help you do this. 


        How can I hire local / foreign staff?
        Find them through website, agent, friend introduce and others. Apply for their China work visa which Hongda Business Services can do for you. 
        How many work visas can a WFOE / rep office / JV apply for?

        Rep.Office: 4

        WFOE/JV: No limit

        Is an employment contract needed?
        Yes, in Chinese and English.
        Does an employment contract need to be in Chinese?
        Yes, we advise this. 
        Can a foreign employee work in China without a work visa?
        No, he can't. 
        How long is the probationary period in China?
        Depends on the labor contract valid time. The Maximum period is 6 months. 
        What is the right way to dismiss staff in China?
        This is a complex task that needs a lot of explanation - please contact Hongda Business Services to discuss, as we can offer this HR advice. 
        Can I dismiss staff without compensation?
        Possible, but it depends on the reason and evidence to dismiss him. 
        Do I need to hire HR staff?
        If your company is becoming large they will be needed.
        Does all company documentation require the official stamp?
        Which documentation do foreign staff need to work for a Chinese company?
        Work permit, work visa. 
        Which qualifications or expertise is required to employ foreigners?
        His Highest education certificate.


        How do I register a trademark in China?
        Design the logo, and select which product or service your trademark is used for from the permitted categories. It is a long and complex process, and so assistance from a professional agency like Hongda Business Services will save you a lot of time and work.
        If my trademark is registered abroad, do I need to register it in China?
        Yes, you need to. Please note the "Ipad" case in China. 
        Which documentation is required to register a trademark?
        Logo, owner documents, application forms. 
        Commonly, how would an IP lawsuit be settled in China and how long would this take?

        1. Charge in court.

        2. Economy lawsuit takes 1 -2 years.

        Hongda Business Services are able to consult on IP lawsuits and advise the best course of action.